Coming Soon – New EP – ‘Eternally Exclusively’

Finally getting it together for a new run of EP releases – here’s some tracks – currently free to download.

01 Eternally Exclusively
02 Bliss
03 Last Human


Respect EP

In my previous incarnation of Phoenix Imago I recorded an album. It took me 5 years on a zero budget and I played all the instruments. Never again… The next one will be a lot easier… My favourite tracks are here plus a couple of live bonus tracks. Abstract Sun Productions did a wonderful job mixing it.

01 Who Ya Callin Pigs
02 Have I Told You Today
03 How Can I Say
04 Respect
05 Christmas
06 Miracles
07 Too Cool To Not Rule
08 The Man Who Hides His Sorrow


Buy the full MP3 Album with lyrics and artwork pdf:


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Also available on a bunch of other services if you search… But life is too short for me to type the links:-)