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I’m currently taking on singing students of all levels – remotely and in person. I’m a soul singer myself but what I’m teaching happily translates into blues, jazz and folk music too.

In particular I have experience with the relationship between health and your voice and also playing an instrument and singing at the same time. I can help you with your piano and guitar technique to put together a solo live set.

For face to face lessons I’m based in Pontassieve but I am often in Florence also and depending on time/distance can travel to your home.

I am working on Italian versions of some of the pages of my site. Practically I can teach lessons in Italian but I will probably be more use if at least some of the songs you sing are in English/American.

Please email me for details. rob @ robertmichaelkay.com or if you’re a local call 3294268378

To pay for lessons online via credit card please go to https://robertmichaelkay.com/shop

I have a youtube channel where I teach singing a bit – probably a good place to get an idea what its like to be in a room with me! https://www.youtube.com/@singstrikestrum/videos