Keytar Jeff Buckley Cover

I think I can safely say I’m the only person ever to cover a Jeff Buckley song on keytar… I wonder if that gives me some kudos or karma in some way?… Probably not… Anyway I needed to test my voice against something really hard & I’ve always loved this song so here it is:

Two new tracks…

Well not exactly… I bought a guitar and re-did the last song I uploaded ‘What Is It About You’.. re-named it ’10 Thousand Volts’ and also did a version of my protest song ‘Last Human’ They’re both on the player at the bottom of the screen!

My First Cover!

This is the first time I’ve recorded a cover. I’ve been singing the song constantly for many years. Not only am (sadly ‘was’) I a huge fan of Jeff Buckley, more than one of my favorite artists have covered ‘Everybody Here Wants You’. The video is a kind of proof of concept for doing recordings […]

Tension and Vibrato

So this topic, if I shout too loudly about it I’ll probably make myself a hate figure among singing teachers. Less tension is always better right? Well sort of… Let me first clarify by saying that tension is the icing on the cake of your vibrato. It is overwhelmingly controlled and determined by the variation […]

New single ‘What Is It About You’

Finally got a mix I’m happy with more or less – I’m sure I’ll tweak it endlessly before the album… Soon it’ll be available to download – probably in exchange for an email address or something…

This is the most aggressive track on the album although a couple of the others are probably catchier. We’ll see…

Image on the post is of my singing business card… Probly will use it as an album cover at some point.

Thanks for listening as always!

New Single on the Way

Well sort of… It’s an old song but played in a new way. The rest of the album is mostly new songs but this song got pulled from my last album due to some unsolvable issues – with this recording the song will see the light of day at last!

Too Cool To Not Rule

In my previous guise of ‘Phoenix Imago’ playing piano. Sound: Abstract Sun, Video: Little Feather,