I’m currently taking on singing students of all levels – remotely and in person. I’m a soul singer myself but what I’m teaching happily translates into blues, jazz and folk music too.

Learning to sing happens on more than one level.

  • …the relationship between your health and your voice. You might think you’re not gifted or talented but I promise you, if we give your body an upgrade, it’ll be like driving a Ferrari when you sing all of a sudden (instead of a pushbike:-).
  • Your emotions and your voice. Basically its got to be fun. Or else we might as well go back to our desk job right?!
  • Technique – there is value in exploring what your body is doing when you sing and trying out what an instructor directs you to. There’s also a lot of value and fun to be had copying the sounds of others. Our goals here are to minimize wear and tear on your voice and maximize your range of sounds you can produce/enjoy producing. Definitely not to make you sound like a clone.

Additionally from years of playing guitar and piano as well as various drum pedals… I have some special expertise at playing an instrument and singing at the same time

To get a further idea what I’m about watch this video:

And then play the audios on the player at the bottom (forward to the second and third one if you want to hear me with a full band instead of vocal/piano:)

Please email me for details. rob @ robertmichaelkay.com